Rakesh Singh, W.B BJP Leader Arrested in Pamela Goswami Drug Case

Rakesh Sharma, B State Committee member arrested by Kolkata Police in Pamela Goswami Drug Case.

(Photo Source: Times of Of Times of India)

Kolkata Police has arrested Rakesh Singh, BJP, WB State Committee member in connection with the Pamela Goswami drugs case.

He has been held from Galsi in Purba Bardhaman dist on Tuesday when he was trying to flee from West Bengal.

Police took him to the local police station for questioning along with his two sons who were allegedly disrupting police officials from their duties.

Rakesh Singh has claimed it is a conspiracy of TMC to defame BJP.

Earlier this week, Pamela Goswami, BJP Young wing leader was arrested for possessing 76 gm of heroin in New Alipur by Kolkata Police. The case has been registered under sections 21(b)/29 of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS)acts.

A day after her arrest in an interrogation session, she named the Rakesh Singh. She also alleged that BJP's W.B Chief Kailas Vijayvargiya's right hand Rakesh has conspired and framed her in the case and demanded a CID probe.

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