Rath Yatra: World largest chariot festival, Lord Jagannath gearing up for the day

One of India's massive religious festivals, the Jagannath Rath Yatra, gets underway on Monday. The festival is celebrated uniquely, as three Hindu gods are taken out of their temples in a glowing procession to meet their devotees. Truth Spoken explains the legend behind the festival and its significance.

The biggest procession takes place in the eastern state of Orissa Puri, while the other takes place in the western states of India.

Rath yatra is considered the oldest chariot procession in the world. The festival symbolizes the annual celebration of Lord Jagganath, his younger sister Subhadra and elder brother Balabhadra traveling from home temple to another temple (believed as aunt home).

Img source: ISCON Durgapur

Why this festival is so fascinating

This is the only festival celebrated with deities outside the temple. The deities are being taken out to meet with all devotees along the way. The procession with the chariot, that considered being the largest in the world.

Millions of people and devotees gatherers together to watch “LORD JAGANNATH” traveling from home to aunt's home. The Chariot, which is made of 18 wheeled chariots bearing the siblings makes its way through massive crowds. The chariot gets constructed over 42 days with 4000 pieces of wood by the only family that has the hereditary right to make them.

Img source: ISCON Durgapur

This comes in a time when the iconic Rath Yatra at ISKCON Durgapur will organize inside the temple because of the coronavirus pandemic. This year ISKCON Durgapur will complete its 15th year of Rath Yatra. The festival will be held from 12th July 2021 to 20th July 2021. All devotees are invited to take part on this auspicious day from the core heart of international society of Krishna consciousness (ISKCON) Durgapur.

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