Religious intolerance growing in Bangladesh towards Hindus

Idols are getting vandalized in Bangladesh

On Friday, the idols of Hindu deities were vandalized at a temple in the Gazipur City of Bangladesh.

According to the local police, unidentified fanatics demolished the idols in the wee hours of the night. The police were informed the following day when worshippers found the remnants shattered all around.

The police took on the investigation but no accused has been arrested till now.

In fact, many such incidents of religiously targeted looting, land grabbing efforts, temple attacks, idols vandalism have been witnessed in the course of one month in May 2020.

The World Hindu Federation's Bangladesh chapter, in a press release on June 11, had mentioned 10 such incidents of Idols being vandalized in Hindu temples.

May 3: local goons attacked a resident's house and temple for not paying one lakh taka at the municipality area.

May 4: a Buddhist monastery was destroyed by 40 miscreants late night with windows, walls, furniture, and a statue in pieces.

May 5: unknown extremists vandalized the idol of kali mandir in Netrokona district.

May 8: In another similar case, some religious extremists vandalized the idols of the Jidhuri Saha temple at Belkuchi Chala in Siraganj district. The leaders of the World Hindu Federation (WHF) demanded immediate arrest of the culprits.

May 9: Yet another case of late-night idol vandalism was witnessed in Nagdara village in Netrokona district. Extreme panic was created after the incident amongst the Hindus.

May 10: Terrorists attacked houses and temples of Hindus over a spat on Facebook. Several got injured.

May 11: Another incident was reported at Sri Ma Bidveshwari temple at Chaparhat Emenderghat in Lalmonirhat district.

May  13: Police confirmed looting and vandalism if idols at a temple in Rangamati district on Tuesday night. Gold ornaments and the donation box were looted along with severe damage to the temple.

May 13: The same day witnessed yet another burglary at a temple in Kshatriya Samiti, Srihari. The jewelry was stolen along with valuables belonging to the Hindu students.

May 19: The minorities faced another atrocity where a Hindu priest and his wife were brutally assaulted by the local criminals.

During the lockdown, the Federation has alleged that the persecution of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh escalated thereby destroying the peace and harmony among the minorities.

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