Rescue Mission for the migrants & refugees of Moria Camp:

Moria, Greece's largest migrant camp situated on the island of Lesbos was destroyed after fire spread throughout its area, last week, making more than 12,000 people homeless. People of seventy different countries were sheltered at the Moria camp, mostly from Afghanistan.

The police are now conducting a rescue operation, moving thousands of migrants and refugees to new locations. Seventy female officers were also on duty to make the process easy and comfortable for the women and children, regarding their transfer to the temporary Kara Tepe Camp, near the island's main town Mytilene. Medical tents are also set up and two quarantine zones are planned for the several dozen people, who tested positive for COVID-19.

The police spokesman, Theodoros Chronopoulos said to AFP news agency that the goal is to safeguard public health, confirming an operation being underway which "responds to humanitarian aims."

The United Nations Refugee Agency had urged the government of Greece to accelerate the speed of the asylum processes at Lesbos.

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