Reservations for girls in medical and engineering sector -Mr Lallu Prasad (chief minister of Bihar).

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We all are well aware of the education system in Bihar. If I talk about the literacy rate of this state, then it is 69.83% wherein the respective literacy rates for men and women are:

Male literacy - 70.32%

Female literacy -43.9% .

Here’s is an exciting announcement through a virtual meeting held today from Bihar’s chief minister that 33% of seats will only be reserved for the girls in the medical and engineering sector.

The reason for this announcement is as follows-

1. To improve the quality of education.

2. The aim is that the students of Bihar would not need to go out of the state for further education.

What are the steps taken towards it?

The chief minister of Bihar proposed 2 bills in the state assembly to set up 2 medical and engineering colleges in the state for each above sector.

They will be titled “Bihar engineering college”. and “Bihar university of medical college”. The current situation in these two sectors-

There are 38 government and 17 private engineering colleges. These will work under the newly established “Bihar engineering college”.

There are 9 government and 6 private medical colleges in the state e. planning is tabulated 11 medical colleges across the state.

They all will be under the supervision of “Bihar university of medical science”.

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