Retired employee loses money over Online Fraud

Loss of Money via KYC frauds. Source- The Economic Times

Online Frauds are becoming way too common in India in the past few years. Yet another victim of online fraud case was reported in Ponda on Friday. A retired government employee lost a whopping 1.5 lacs from his bank account.

Dilip Nalawade, a retired government employee received a text message on his cellphone on Friday from a certain phone number. The text message asked him for his KYC (Know Your Customer) details failing of which will result in the discontinuation of his mobile connection.

Nalawade could not fathom the facade of this scam and went ahead to ring this unknown mobile number from which he received the message. The scammer instructed Nalawade to install two different application on his cellphone and fill in all the necessary details.

Ponda PI Mohan Gaude said that Dilip Nalawade to make a payment of 10 Rupees from each of the two apps. As soon as the transaction was completed, Nalawade lost a huge chunk of money from two of his bank accounts. Ponda Police stated that Rs. 1.3 lacs was debited from one of Nalawade's bank account and Rs. 24,000 from the other.

PI Gaude also added that these scammers acquire personal information of a person via those small transactions and soon they fall prey to it.

Ponda Police has registered a complaint against these unknown scammers under various sections of the IPC and the IT Act.

With the rise of Phishing and Jamtara acts, scammers are finding more ways to loot people. Citizens must be aware that no bank or mobile service operator will ever call users for KYC verification. If users receive any sort of message, banks advise their customers to verify it from the authorized branch before proceeding. If the money is lost, there is very little possibility to recover it.

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