Reunion of the Indo-Pak border

On the auspicious occasion, international women’s day on March 8, two cross border couples, living separately on the two different sides of the Indo-Pak border were finally reunited, when the two Pakistani brides arrived at their in-laws home in Barmer in Rajasthan two years after their wedding.

According to the information, Chagan Kanwar, wife of Mahendra Singh, and Kailash Bai, wife of Nepal Singh crossed over to India on Monday through the Wagah-Attari border along with some family members. They were welcomed by their waiting husbands at the border.

As per a report, after crossing the border they passed through a security check and a Covid-19 test. Nepal’s wife Kailash came to India along with her mother and brother while Mahendra’s wife Chagan Kanwar arrived with her father.

Nepal Singh told, "that he was very happy to meet his wife but at the same time was also upset since his younger brother’s wife could not get a visa." He also said, “I am thankful to Union minister Kailash Choudhary who helped us at every stage and extended his full support in getting a visa to my wife.” He further said, "that initially his wife was allowed entry only through the air route but since they could not afford the air travel, the Union minister again helped in getting permission for her to cross through Wagah-Attari road route."

Officials said, His brother Vikram Singh’s wife, Pakistani girl Nirmala Bai, was denied a visa by the consulate on the grounds that her passport was blacklisted."

Mahendra Singh said, "that after his wife was denied a visa, he ran from pillar to post but his plight was ignored." Singh said, “I am very thankful to Kailash Choudhary, who not only understands our plight but helped us in every possible manner."

According to the information, 27-year-old Nepal Singh Bhati and his 25-year-old sibling Vikram Singh Bhati, residents of Baiyaa in Jaisalmer district, last January got married into Pakistani Hindu families, living across the border. After the marriage, both stayed in Pakistan for a while before returning to India without their brides as the Indian consulate denied visas to them on technical grounds.

Nepal got married to the daughter of Ranjeet Singh Sodha on January 22, 2019, while Vikram wed the daughter of Taneraj Singh Sodha on January 25, 2019. Post marriage, they stayed with their in-laws for about three months before returning to India without their spouses. In December, last year, Vikram's wife delivered a baby boy.

For the past two years, these couples were forced to live separately on the two sides of the border. They recently approached the Union minister of state for agriculture and BJP MP from Barmer, Kailash Choudhary, who intervened on their behalf, making the external affairs ministry swing into action.

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