Rich countries are Emmiting more greenhouse gases, India wants them to compensate.

Humans are the leading reason for environmental degradation

Climate change is indeed a matter of concern globally. human activities are the primary reason behind it, with our contribution we are touching the milestone of the excessive release of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the air that causes a rise in the temperature which is the reason behind persistent changes to the climate. It causes severe damage to the lives of people. Forget people, we are the ones doing it, what about animals who cannot speak, how are they contributing to this havoc. Why do they have to suffer for our deeds?

Changes in the earth's climate are often due to human activities- including air and sea surface temperature, changing rainfall patterns, ocean acidification, sea-level rise, and change in frequency and intensity of extreme events like floods, drought, and tropical cyclones.

There is a say that "climate is what you expect and the weather is what you get".

Intergovernmental Panel on climate change (IPCC)

The (IPCC)'s report this year estimates that the world will probably reach or exceed 1.5 percent within just the next two decades. The atmospheric concentration of a range of greenhouse gases is increasing and the ocean is warming up. These are the indicators, we cannot forget Bihar, Uttarakhand's flood not only in India it showed It's drastic effect across the globe.

Leaders and diplomats across the globe are set to gather in Glasgow, Scotland for the annual cop summit.

External Affairs Minister s. Jaishankar stated the "world has limited good news going into Glasgow. He praised India's climate commitments and for achieving its Paris agreement (2015) milestone, suggesting more had to be done by developed countries.

India wants Compensation for the losses caused by climate disasters. Compensation for climate disasters is likely to be a major part sticking point on the table, on this matter India has already raised with US climate envoy John Kerry, Environment ministry said there should be compensation for express incurred, and it should be borne by developing countries. Rich countries have added the majority of greenhouse gases causing planet hit up.

India stands with the low-income country on this matter.

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