Rickshaw driver raped minor, sentenced to lifetime imprisonment

A rape case which took place around four years ago has now come to light again. A girl who was then six years old claimed that she was kidnapped, raped, beat by a rickshaw driver and left on the roadside with severe injuries. According to the girl's statement and proper proof, the accused has already been identified and sentenced lifetime imprisonment by the court.

The girl stated that she went to purchase milk when a rickshaw driver told her that he was his father's friend and he would drop her to home. At first, she refused to sit beside him but eventually, he forced her and made her sit beside him and drove off. The driver then beat her, made her cry and assaulted her sexually. She was grievously injured and left on the road side and told that her father would pick her up. A biker passing by saw her and took her to the nearby police station. The girl was taken to the hospital immediately after that and went through some surgeries and stayed there for four months.

Geeta Sharma, Special Government pleader trusted on the victim's statement who is now 10 years old and looked for maximum punishment for the alleged. Also, the CCTV footage near the roadside and the relatives of the victim helped in investigating the matter. The CCTV placed near traffic signal identified that the driver forcibly took her to his vehicle and drove off on March 15, 2015.

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