Rides Cycle To Parliament: Opposition United

Image Source: The Hindu

Leader of the main Opposition party, the Indian National Congress, and the former President of the same, Rahul Gandhi - along with other Congress workers and other Opposition leaders - rode cycles to attend the Parliament, as a protest against the price hike of petrol, diesel, and cooking gas.

The Congress leader hosted a meeting with fifteen other Opposition leaders over breakfast, right before this cycle protest, at the Constitution Club, where he told the Opposition Members of the Parliament that the Opposition, combined, makeup 60%, i.e. the majority of the people, and any humiliation of the Opposition is, thus, a humiliation of the people. He asserted that the Opposition parties have to unite their voices, in order to make their collective voice more powerful.

Congress Spokesperson, and member of the Rajya Sabha, Abhishek Singhvi, has called this meeting "historic" and has referred to it as "a trailer for 2024" (2024 refers to the Lok Sabha elections, that is to be held in that year).

Rahul Gandhi has, however, turned down the question of who will be the face of this United Opposition, mentioning that it is "irrelevant".

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