Ritika Phogat of the Famous Phogat family commits suicide

Ritika Phogat, a maternal cousin of Babita Phogat has committed suicide after losing a wrestling match at a tournament. A lot of reports are saying that the suicide was because of the embarrassment that Ritika faced after her loss at the tournament.

Wrestling is a source of income for most of the family members in the Phogat family. With Geeta and Babita leading the wrestling charge, as seen in the famous movie Dangal, a number of other family members walk in the same footsteps. They earn their livelihood by competing in the wrestling ring.

Ritika was a state-level wrestler and always looked up to her sisters. She was wrestling in the sub-junior, junior women and, men competition at Lohagarh Stadium in Bharatpur. The competition began on the 12th of March and the final was held on the 14th of March.

Ritika reached the finals in the tournament and lost by a very narrow margin in the final match. The defeat shook her which made her take such a terrible decision. It is believed that she ended her life because of the same. Mahavir Phogat, the father of the Phogat sisters was also believed to be present at the tournament.

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