Robbers barge into the bank after cutting through the wall.

Deputy commissioner of police (Shahdara) R Sathiyasundaram, reported

“The stolen money was cash collection and transactions of Friday and Saturday. We have registered a case of trespass and theft against unknown persons at the Farsh Bazar police station. Prime facie, it appears that the thieves conducted a detailed reconnaissance of the bank and planned everything meticulously. We have got certain clues in the case. Several teams are working on them.”

Source: Hindustan Times.

The suspects disabled the CCTV cameras of the bank so it was not immediately clear how many of them entered the bank and also for how long they remained inside to execute the heist.

Unidentified thieves cut through a wall and floor of the Union Bank of India’s branch in east Delhi’s Vishwas Nagar, broke open the iron vault, and stole around ₹55 lakh cash.

The break-in was found in the morning when the bank employees reached the building and around 10.30 am the matter went to the police control room.

Senior police officers reported that besides a portion of the vault which was broken with the help of gas cutters, the thieves did not touch any lockers and nearly ₹50 lakh cash that was kept in another portion of the vault. Investigators suspect that the thieves may have run out of gas, forcing them to leave the lockers intact.

Source: Times Now News.

A senior police officer claimed,

“The suspects drilled a hole in the bank’s wall through the adjacent under-construction building. They entered the ground floor of the bank and drilled their way into the basement through the floor. Once inside the basement, the thieves cut open the vault, took out the cash and fled using the same route through which they entered the premises.”

A similar bank heist took place in outer Delhi’s Mundka in December 2017, in which the thieves entered the bank by drilling a hole in its wall through an adjacent vacant building. After cutting open a safe and some lockers, they took away nearly ₹27 lakh cash and jewellery worth several lakhs of rupees. Investigators are trying to interrogate that if it involved the same set of thieves who committed the Mundka bank theft in this crime.

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