Royal Heritage being targeted; Royalty at Risk

Graham Smith, CEO of 'Republic', an organization which campaigns for the abolishment of the monarchy in the United Kingdom, told the members of the royal family to 'get their own homes' and vacate the royal properties.

Smith stated that the taxpayers of the UK pay for round-the-clock security of more than twenty royal residencies, which needs to come to an end. He also acknowledged the confusion over the ownership of Balmoral and Sandringham, recognized them as private properties but evidently bought by the money of general mass.

He also said, "Buckingham Palace could be a world-class tourist destination as an art gallery or museum if they opened up all the rooms and the gardens to tourists all year around. It already houses one of the largest art collections in the world yet most of it is hidden away. The same with Windsor Castle, it could be run at a profit just like the Tower of London is, and there is no reason why that should not happen."

Mr. Smith continued to say that, the public doesn't owe Princess Anne a house, so she can go and buy one on her own; the same goes for Prince Edward and Prince Andrew; still they keep enjoying extremely large, plush, and luxurious residencies, which also require a huge amount to be spent on security, at the expense of taxpayers, doesn't holds any justification.

The CEO of Republic, during the same interview also talked about the position of Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state for the UK to be renounced, citing her to be not independent and unaccountable, the role to be given to someone more competent and suitable, and again he also highlighted the importance of the monarchy being abolished.

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