Rs 30 Lakh Stolen By Cloning ATM Cards In Tumakuru

Police set up that duplicate cards used to withdraw money from the sufferers account in Bengaluru

Tumakuru police shattered that the international gang drained lakhs of rupees through ATM cards. In two months splitted 60 cases and two foreign nationals arrested.

Both are Ivan Kabonge, 22 from Uganda and Lawrence Makamu, 29 from Kenya. Both are staying in Delhi. They came India on student visa. The visa will expiry in March 2021. Police declared that the visa is now subject to verification.

In September and October, more than 60 cases filed in Tumakuru district in Bengaluru. From the bank accounts of 60 local people, Rs. 30 lakh was dishonestly withdrawn.

Tumakuru police created a special team which found that some ATMs in Bheemasandra, Nittur, Kunigal equipped.

A small camera and machine is fixed to loot users debit card data and to duplicate them. Police saw the duplicate were used for withdrawing money from user's account in Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai. From the investigation, it is disclosed that some foreign nationals were coming frequently to Tumakuru.

The copied data from small camera was transferring to Delhi. In that gang, four more foreigners also was the members. They were from South Africa and was staying in Delhi.

According to police, the fraudsters did not stay in Tumakuru district for more than a day. They were out by evening in same day. They visited this district in 6 days for 20 times to drain the money.

Twenty forgery ATM cards and a Honda CRV have been snatched.

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