Russia: Sputnik efficiency would be 95% and it would be cheaper than US Vaccines

Mumbai: The Sputnik V vaccine of Russia has reported efficacy of more than 95 percent and it will be cheaper than the vaccines developed by the USA, i.e, Pfizer & Moderna with the same results. The vaccine is developed by Gamaleya-Institute & RDIF to tackle the covid-19 and will be available under 20 dollars for each person in the global market and it would be available in the world from February.

Russia's Sputnik V

(Source - India Today)

Sputnik V still needs to undergo Indian trails and it would be manufactured by domestic industries. RDIF has partnered with Hyderabad-based Dr. Reddy to conduct clinical tests and distribution in India. Experts revealed that although the vaccine is cheaper than the other two vaccines it requires a specialized cooling-chain which can challenge the distribution process.

The efficacy of the vaccine developed by Russia stood at 91.4 percent after analyzing the second interim data that was obtained after 28days after the first dose while the efficacy stood at 95 percent after the first dose. A statement revealed that Suptnuk V will soon start its trails in India with the association of Dr. Reddy and after its completion, it will sully 100 million doses of vaccine to the country.

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