Russia Successfully Test Launches Heavy Lift Space Rocket After Long Breather

Russia successfully test-launched its first post-Soviet rocket for the second time in six years following delays and glitches, Russia’s Federal Space Agency, Roscosmos, announced on Monday.

President, Vladimir Putin describes it as having huge significance for national security and concerning efforts to revive the space industry, the Angara is the first new family of space rockets developed since the Soviet era.

First test-launched in 2014, it is being developed to replace the Proton M as Russia’s heavy-lift rocket, capable of carrying payloads bigger than 20 tonnes into orbit. A launchpad for the new rocket is due to open in 2021.

The Angara has however been dogged by manufacturing delays and technical issues, including the discovery last year of a defect in its engines that scientists said could destroy it in flight.

The Angara was made in the early 1990s When Russian Space Officials dreaded the thought that an independent Ukraine may raid the deliveries of vital components used in Russian Rockets such as a proton.

The accomplishment of Angara A5 is intended to succeed Russian Workhorse Proton Launcher Rocket.

The defense ministry and space agency Roscosmosconfirmed, Monday's launch test from the Plesetsk to Cosmodrome in the country's northwest, had been successfully accomplished.

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