Salt Lake Man gets duped by Fraudster, loses 11 lakh.

Kolkata: Manav Mehra, a resident of BG block, in Salt Lake’s Sector-II, had lodged a complaint to the Bidhannagar East Police Station after his father Amit got duped by a fraudster who had posed himself as a representative of a telecom firm.

One of the arrested men. Source: (

The caller had telephoned Amit saying that his phone would be blocked instantly if he didn’t follow his instructions. The caller had then sent him a link that enabled him to take full control over Amit’s phone and even had access to his OTP. In no time, the fraudster vacuumed 11 lakh Rupees from Amit’s account through multiple transactions. Manav Mehra had reported this incident to the police on January 18 and since then the investigation was going on.

Upon probing meticulously, the police bumped into a Burdwan resident after tracking the mobile number from where the call was made. The resident had no clue that the number was registered against his name. The tower location of his number confirmed his statement. Upon further investigation from January 25, the police finally arrested a 25-year-old man named Asif Khan who had used the number to make the call. Arresting Asif led the cops to bust a fake sim card distribution racket.

The sim cards were activated using forged documents and fake names of retailers. Considering Asif’s statements, the police had also arrested three men on Thursday: Sougata Barapanda (29), Naba Kumar Patra (29), and Shantanu Pradhan (28) alias Babu, all residents of Egra. Barapanda and Patra are distributors of a telecom service provider in Egra, while Pradhan sells SIM cards.

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