Sanskar and Sarkar can make India beautiful. Teach daughters good values: BJP MLA

Ballia's MP finds it important to teach daughter good values instead to curb rapes

In a remark that could stir a potential debate, BJP MLA from UP's Ballia Surendra Singh cited a way to curb rapes in this country. Sanskar(culture and values) should be inculcated in the daughter. 'Shashan or 'talwar' can't stop the crime.

This came amidst the chaos over the gangrape in Uttar Pradesh's Hathras where a 19-year-old was brutally assaulted and killed by four upper-caste men.

In a video released by ANI, he was asked why the crime ain't stopping in the 'Ram Rajya' to which he called for the parents to teach their daughter good values and not rely on the government. Calling it his 'dharma', he vouched to take actions on part of the government but emphasized that 'sanskar' is necessary to make this India beautiful.

The state is receiving flak from all the quarters over the mishandling of operations where several opposition members accused the ruling party of the failures in crime control. They demanded the immediate resignation of the Cheif Minister.

The government recommended a CBI investigation into the entire turn of events that led to the Hathras incident.

The UP government earlier had suspended three police officials including the Superintendent of Police following the rage across the country.

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