Sarojini Nagar Potters Expect to drive away shoppers from virtual route this Diwali

The Sarojini Nagar market in South Delhi or popularly known as “Shopper's Paradise” during Diwali has been worn out its joyful colors as a result of the Pandemic this year. The roadside shops with their earthenwares, idols, etc. have failed miserably to dazzle the eyes of the customers even after days.

Amid the Covid-19, there is hardly any hustle & bustle of the buyers.

The entire neighborhood as if turned into a haunted place with deafening silence. But before this coming Diwali, they seem to rely on the trend #VocalForLocal. They believe PM's promotion for domestic products will surely make things come their way.

As the shop owners claimed that the production near the market is not allowed, so they have to bring earthenwares from different parts of the country. Despite their best efforts behind the coloring and furnishing of the handicrafts, they suffer a huge loss & lack of sale. Therefore, they are in a way compelled to lower the prices of their products than the wholesale prices in the hope to encourage the buyers & improve their festive fortune.

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