Satellite Images Show Dismantling of Chinese Troops in Ladakh


New Delhi: Indian and Chinese troops have engaged in battle, since last summer on a disputed Himalayan border. The satellite images on Wednesday showed China disassembling troops from this border. The Chinese emptied out entire camps and retreated. The Chinese government announced the retreat last week. The region encircled the banks of the glacial lake, Pangong Tso. It had become a major location for the prolonged dispute.

According to the satellite imageries from Maxar Technologies, several Chinese camps present there during late January are being removed. Assurance of similar action has been given by the Indian Government as well.

Rajnath Singh, India’s Defence Minister, told the media that this disengagement is only to be the first step towards the long-drawn withdrawal process. Military commanders are to meet for putting an end to the standoff in other parts of Ladakh as well. This is to reduce tensions and to ease further de-escalation.

This conflict began in June with Indian and Chinese soldiers engaging in a battle in Ladakh’s Galwaan region. The casualties from India were 20, while that from the Chinese is still unknown. The battle took place when India accused China of its intrusion on the Line of Actual Control. China denied the allegation and stated that it was operating within its boundaries.

After the proceedings of several diplomatic meetings, the governments of the two neighboring countries agreed to dismantle on both sides. Yet, according to certain advisors, this is not an agreement for a complete disengagement. The need of the hour is to assume positions that both armies held before April.

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