Scam 2021, Delhi: Oxygen cylinder turned out to be an empty fire extinguisher

The suspects were rendered jobless during the pandemic and to make quick money they passed off fire extinguishers as oxygen cylinders. Image Source: ZeeNews Scam amidst global pandemic:

India has been under the grip of the ferocious second wave of the pandemic since March. People are turning to the informal market to buy supplementary oxygen. Amidst this global pandemic scenario, with one patient dying, every four minutes, families facing hurdles to get access to life-saving resources, another scam incident, came to light. Incident:

Geeta Arora, hailing from Bindapur, West Delhi, was desperately in search of an oxygen cylinder for her friend’s relative. She connected with two men identified as Ashutosh Chauhan and Ayush through WhatsApp and told her they would sell her the cylinder for Rs10,000. However, after collecting the cylinder and passing it on to her friend, they realized it was an empty fire extinguisher. When Arora found out she was duped, she confronted the scammers and asked for a refund. They avoided her calls, plus the one she had sought to arrange the oxygen cylinder for, died. This pushed Arora to lodge a police complaint with Dwarka police against the two scammers, who in the name of an oxygen cylinder sold her empty fire extinguisher. Accused behind bars:

The two accused named Ashutosh (19) and Ayush (22), residents of Vikaspuri got arrested from west Delhi’s Uttam Nagar area. The duo was held on charges of cheating a woman by selling her fire extinguisher in the name of an oxygen cylinder. Black market:

The urgent demand for ventilators, hospitals, and medicines like remedesvir, an antiviral medication, which is being used to treat Covid, has created a thriving black market and scammers have been taking advantage, and are seeking profit out of this tragedy. Several regional courts have ordered the local governments to take strict actions against the black market in medicine and oxygen and crackdown of profiteering and hoarding.

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