Scheme of doorstep delivery of ration by the Delhi government

The Delhi cabinet has agreed to implement the doorstep ration delivery scheme. They have chosen to drop the use of any name being used. They will send their proposal to the government. Last week the Centre objected to the AAP government flagship scheme. It objected to the use of subsidized food grains under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) for the scheme.

Previously, such a scheme was scheduled to be started on March 25 with the name Mukhya Mantri Ghar Ghar Ration Yojana. The Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs objected to the scheme’s implementation. It said that the subsidized food grains which are allocated by the department of distribution under NFSA should not be used for any state’s scheme or under a name other than NFSA.

As the scheme comes under the National Food Security Act, it is required that the Centre approves of it. The CM of Delhi said that the people getting the benefit of the ration face several issues. They face issues while collecting rations from the ration shops. Sometimes people are not able to get the ration. This problem led the Delhi Government to take such a step.

The AAP government is hoping to get an agreement from the Centre this time. The ration being delivered would have wheat flour, rice, and sugar. The delivery of a packed ration would help remove the ration mafia. Above that, all the beneficiaries would get a prominent advantage from it. The CM also stated that the Delhi Government does not want any credit. It just wants to provide ration with good quality and enough for all the people in need.

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