Scotland becomes the first nation to make menstrual hygiene products free for all

The law will make menstrual products freely available at all public places including community centers, youth clubs, and pharmacies.

Scotland became the first nation to make menstrual products including sanitary pads and tampons universally free and accessible to women of all age groups.

The global campaign against 'period poverty' made a groundbreaking historical achievement ensuring the period dignity throughout the country.

Under the Period Products(Free Provision)(Scotland) Act led by Scottish Labour’s health spokeswoman, Monica Lennon, the Scottish Government will make a Scotland-wide scheme to allow anyone who needs period products to get them free of charge.

The measure will make sanitary pads and tampons freely available at nearly all public places including community centers, youth clubs, and pharmacies, at an estimated cost of £8.7 million pounds a year by 2022.

Schools and colleges among other educational institutions were asked to make a range of period products available for free, and the government will also be empowered to make other public organizations provide the products free of cost.

Scotland's First Minister highlighted the achievement with her tweet congratulated Monica Lennon and Aileen Campbell, MSP for Clydesdale and Cabinet Secretary for Communities & Local Government.

The new law has been received warmly all across the world with support pouring out on Twitter. Data shows that the United Kingdom has an acute ‘period poverty’ problem.

A 2017 survey from children’s charity Plan International found that one in 10 girls in the UK are not able to afford basic period products.

Several took to Twitter and congratulated Monica Lennon for her campaign for 'period dignity'.

Also, almost half of all the girls, aged between 14 and 21, were embarrassed about their periods and couldn't attend schools because of it.

The law as per many will revolutionize the lives of woman and girls. Also the stigma around periods and menstrual hygiene has taken a good turn towards change and empowerment of women.

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