Self-reliant India:-How far we have reached to make india self sufficient?

At the time of the pandemic when the whole world was dealing with the deadly Wuhan virus. India on the other hand showed the world that what India is capable of, and truly emerged as the winner.

On 12 May 2020 PM Modi coined something called Self-reliant India or Aatmanirbhar Bharat. The motto of this campaign was to be self-dependent and make the country and its citizens Self-reliant in all senses. This campaign indeed helped to tackle the covid situation in the country and also emphasized indigenously develop products in the health care system and many other sectors as well.

PM Modi on his conferences and weekly broadcast radio show 'Mann ki Baat emphasized 'vocal for local' and appealed to citizens to buy indigenously develop products.

Economic package has released which benefit various segments including cottage industry, micro small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) labors, middle class and industries among other

During the lockdown period, a 20 lakh crore package was released by the government to provide support and strength to various sections of the country in 2020.

In the challenging time, the Serum Institute of India in collaboration with Oxford's AstraZeneca developed life-saving Covidshield and Hyderabad-based Bharat biotech Covaxin. Recently, India administered 1 billion vaccination. PM Modi met leading vaccine manufacturer lauds them for this achievement on 100 crore mark.

PM Modi while meeting with a vaccine representative said the "world is looking up to India for its success in vaccination drive". This is the new era of self-sufficient India, obviously, we have miles to go.

The outlined pillars of self-reliant India in all senses.

  1. Economy (quantum jumps, not increment changes)

  2. Infrastructure (Representation of modern India)

  3. System ( technology-driven system)

  4. Demography (vibrant demography of the largest democracy)

  5. Demand ( full utilization of the power of demand & supply)

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