Sero Survey: 75% of Mumbaikers test positive for Covid antibodies

75% test positive for Covid antibodies

(Source - Mumbai Mirror)

Mumbai: A survey conducted by Sero India revealed that out of 806 patients that underwent for antigen test, 605 of them tested positive in Mumbai. The survey was conducted in 5 slums and it showed 75% having covid antibodies in their blood.

Dr. Nisant Kumar of Eyebetes Foundation organized the said survey with the help of a BJP contractor, Harshita Narwekar. The survey was conducted from the 5th of October to the 10th of October in 5 areas of Mumbai and 75% of people showed positive antibodies in the survey.

The most concerning thing that the survey revealed is that 1% of 806 total patients have tested positive for covid in the past which makes the other 99% cohort covid-19 related infections. Moreover, 31 people did not share their opinion about if they had tested positive in past or not. This made stigma to the overall study.

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