Several Districts In Northern Afghanistan Captured By Taliban as Afghani Troops Flee.

According to the official disclosure on Sunday, most districts of Northern Afghanistan were captured by the Taliban as the Afghani military forces fled across the border into Tajikistan.

The Taliban march gained momentum late evening on Saturday and approximately 300 Afghan military personnel, around 6:30 p.m. (local standard time) crossed from Afghanistan's Badakhshan province, Tajikistan's State Committee for National Security said in a statement. They were allowed across the border "guided by the principles of humanism and good neighborliness.”

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The US President Joe Biden ended the “forever war” mid-April this year. Ever since the Taliban has taken decisive steps in capturing several districts of Afghanistan. However, the capture made in the northern districts is one of their most crucial gains as it has been under the stronghold of the US-allied warlords who helped defeat them in the war of 2001.

What is more disturbing for the Afghani citizens is that now the Taliban roughly has control over one-third of 421 districts of Afghanistan. Most of which were almost handed over to the Taliban without even putting up a fight as the Afghani forces fled.

"Unfortunately, the majority of the districts were left to Taliban without any fight,” said Mohib-ul Rahman, a provincial council member. He added that in the last three days, 10 districts fell to Taliban, eight without a fight. Ashamed, he said, “Even as a security meeting was being held early Sunday to plot the strengthening of the perimeter around the capital, some senior provincial officials were leaving Faizabad for the capital Kabul.”

The Interior Ministry of Afghanistan has issued an official statement in which, for its defense, it stated that the defeats were temporary in nature. However, it was not at all clear how they would regain control.

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