Several people injured from stampede incident in Jalpaiguri in a Covid vaccination center.

On August 31, when West Bengal recorded 11 lakh vaccinations against covid-19, a stampede in Jalpaiguri district, at a vaccination center, left 25 people injured.

The local people believe that nearly 30 people were injured in this incident but the police confirmed it to 20 and 5 of the injured are in the Jalpaiguri Sardar Hospital to treat their injuries.

A senior officer said, "As soon as the main gate of the Dhupguri Health Centre was opened, several people tried to get inside the facility, pushing each other. A stampede-like situation arose there. Several women were injured. We are probing the matter."

The proceeding took place in a school, which was used as a vaccination center in the Dhupguri block of Jalpaiguri.

From the nearby villages and tea gardens, hundreds of people crowded from the daybreak.

There was hardly any police involvement in the area, informed by some eyewitnesses. They also said that nearly 2,000 gathered near the center.

At 10 am, the police arrived and opened the gates, which led to terrible chaos. The agitated crowd rushed in, pushing each other. Several women and elderly people fell on the ground injuring themselves in the chaos.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Amit Malviya twitted saying, "In Bengal, a stampede ensued at a vaccination center in Banarhat Block, Shalbari #1 Gram Panchayat, where the gates broke down and several people were badly injured."

He posted a video of the incident and also added, "Mamata Banerjee, the unelected CM, is also the Home Health Minister of Bengal and responsible for this tragedy."

After this disorganized incident, the Bengal Government decided to distribute coupons from door-to-door to people for covid-19 vaccination, wherein dates and time slots will be mentioned for each person so that there will be no stampede-like incident anymore. Asha workers and health center workers will distribute the coupons.

The police will monitor the crowd at every vaccination center as the centers are being micromanaged.

Meanwhile, West Bengal's covid-19 death toll rose to 18,434 after 11 more people succumbed to the disease on Monday.

In the last 24 hours, 647 patients recovered from the disease, improving the discharge rate slightly to 98.23%.

So far, 15,20,702 people have been cured of covid-19 in West Bengal.

The number of active cases now is 8,922.

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