Sidhi, Widow Brutally Gangraped By Five Men

45-years-old woman gang-raped in MP

A widow from Sidhi, Madhya Pradesh was gang-raped by five men. They had penetrated metallic rod in her intimate part. Earlier, the woman said there were four men later while recording her testimony she admitted they were five.

Police said, the accusers on January 9, 2021 night came to the victim's shack and asked for water. When the woman denied, the accusers entered the shack forcibly and raped her one by one. And before leaving the victim they penetrated a metallic rod inside her intimate parts.

The victim lived with her younger sister and two minor children and runs a small shop adjacent to their shack.

Umesh Joga said, on the complaint of the victim's family, police arrested the accusers immediately. Two of the molesters has been identified as Lallu Cole, Bhai Lal Patel.

Doctor Kalpana Yadav said, the victim was in a critical condition and was immediately rushed for surgery. She has sustained internal injuries in the genitals due to the insertion of the iron rod.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra said the case will be considered under the case and the guilty will be punished very soon.

Digvijay Sinha slammed the Shivraj government for the inhuman incident. Sing a tweeted asking Shivraj to punish the guilty sooner and bear the expenses of the victim's children.

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