Situation in Kerala worsens with the outbreak of the Nipah Virus

A virus, reportedly deadlier than COVID-19, called Nipah, has knocked in Kerala.

The state of Kerala was already badly affected by Corona. India had recorded the most covid cases in two months where Kerala was the worst hit. On Monday, Kerala registered nearly 20,000 COVID-19 infections out of India’s daily total of 31,222.

The Nipah Virus is spread through the Saliva of a special species of bats, also called fruit bats. When it eats fruits, its saliva gets on those fruits, due to which it can spread to humans. The virus has an estimated fatality rate of 40 to 75 per cent, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), making it deadlier than the coronavirus.

Kerala is badly in the grip of the corona pandemic on one hand and on the other hand Nipah virus infection has increased panic in the state. Kerala is on high alert after a 12-year-old boy died of the rare virus on Sunday. After this incident, the central government has sent a team of experts to Kerala, which will help the state government to prevent the Nipah infection.

Kerala health minister Veena George said that of the 251 contacts, 129 are healthcare workers. "There are 38 persons in isolation at the Kozhikode Medical College hospital of which 11 have shown symptoms. Samples of eight persons have been sent to Pune NIV for testing," the minister said.

On Tuesday, the samples of eight primary contacts came negative, confirmed by Veena George. That these eight immediate contacts tested negative is a great relief,” Veena George said. She said that more samples will be tested on Tuesday and officials will also be carrying out door to door surveillance.

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