Six imprisoned for kidnapping Kerala Merchandiser in Kolkata

Kolkata: On Wednesday, six accomplices of Keralite Merchandiser were arrested on allegation of violating and kidnapping a Keralite Investor's friend when he had arrived at Kolkata to make money.

As the police issued, Musammil Mottemal who apparently resolved abroad, inquired Abdul Salam (local of Kozhikode) who owed money from Musammil to come to Kolkata and compile the money from his brother and his fellow. Salam was asked to come and collect his sum at a place following City Centre II on Wednesday. "After they came to the site, they were struck by a group and kidnapped Salam's friend, thereafter they called and demanded Rs 2lakh as compensation ", said an officer.

Despite this, Biddhanagar police rescued the kidnapped Keralite by tracking down the criminals.

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