Sixth illegal liquor trade caught in Amritsar.

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On Saturday, the police found the manufacturing unit of an illicit liquor racket, at Chak Mishri Khan village in Attari, Amristar. Four members of this gang have been arrested. A search and cordon operation was initiated on Friday. This is the sixth such fraud to have got busted in less than a month by the Amritsar district rural police.

The accused include - Balwinder Singh, Karnail Singh, Shamsher Singh, and Sukhdev Singh. A search is under process for the other 3 gang members - Jaspal Singh, Shinder Singh, and Gurmeet Singh. The police have confiscated 116 tonnes of lahan (raw material), 400 liters of illicit liquor, 10 stills, 16 tarpaulins, a water tank of 1000 liter capacity, 20 drums, 7 LPG cylinders, and a Maruti car. The accused were running separate stills inside their houses in the village as informed by the police. They were supplying the liquor in Ajnala, Majitha, and Lopoke assembly constituencies of the border district.

The racket was the core of illicit liquor manufacturing in the Attari police subdivision. Senior superintendent of police (SSP) Dhruv Dahiya said "We identified 20 houses where the stills had been running. A team of more than 150 policemen carried out the raid on Friday night. The accused had been producing illicit liquor on a par with a mini distillery. We are trying to find out to whom they had been supplying it." SSP Dahiya supervised the search and cordon operation. He informed that the property of the accused amassed through illegal trade would be confiscated.

Deputy superintendent of police (DSP) Gurpartap Singh Sahota and DSP detective Gurinderpap Singh were part of the search operation. Sahota reported that the accused were using jaggery to produce the liquor.

A case got registered under Sections 61-1-14 of the Excise Act at the Lopoke police station. But the police are to confirm since when the racket was being run. In total, the police have recovered 525 tonnes of lahan, and 1891 liters of illicit liquor.

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