Sleeping while Speeding

Canadian youth busted by police for sleeping while driving.

A youth of around 20 years of age was found sleeping while his self-driving Tesla was speeding on 150km per hour on Alberta highway in Canada, while the speed limit is 110km/h in most of the highway networks of the country.

He has been charged initially with speeding and was given a 24-hour license suspension for fatigue, but was later charged with dangerous driving for his recklessness and allegedly sleeping while his self-driving car drove on high speed along a highway in Canada near Ponoka in Alberta.

It has been reported by the police that both the seats of the car were completely reclined while the driver and passenger were asleep.

The driver was reportedly a 20-year-old man and is from British Columbia.

As he has already been charged for dangerous driving by the province he is due to appear in court in the month of December.

The charges were announced by the Royal Canadian Mounted police on Thursday.

The car sped up as soon as the police turned their emergency lights on and other vehicles moved out of the way.

The incident happened near Ponoka in the month of July.

Even though it appeared as if nobody was in the car, the vehicle sped up because the road ahead was clear.

According to research currently, Tesla cars operate at a level-two Autopilot and requires the driver of the car to remain alert and ready to act, having his hands on the wheel, while the founder of the company, Elon Musk expects his vehicles to be completely autonomous where only a little amount of driver input is needed.

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