Smriti Irani at UN: India Acknowledges Centrality Of Women Empowerment In Developmental Schedule

Union Minister for Women and Child Development Smriti Irani in United Nations said that India accepts the Women's empowerment and the centrality of gender equality in all aspects of our developmental schedule.

She said, on the 25th Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women, " Women exponentially forms half of humanity but their effect communicates all dimensions of society, economy and politics.

She said, " These changes announced under the leadership of our perceptive Prime Minister.

On the topic of reservation for women, she said that in local governance reservation of seats for women confirmed more than 1.3 million women issue leadership in the gender-sensitive public policies.

More than 200 million women working in the banking system by the Government's Financial Incorporation System. Women are getting equal opportunity through the use of digital technologies to approach insurance, social assistance, loans.

Our law-making systems concerning to those are suffering to sexual harassment of women, women's protection from domestic violence, protection of children from sexual crimes, criminal laws enabling women empowerment and protection of children, especially for girls.

The Government of India has taken steps for safety, the security of women in coronavirus situation. "One-Stop Centers" gives psychological, medical, police, legal, shelter facilities.

She also concluded that India is ready to work with International partners for our daughters and equal post-covid pandemics.

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