Are you a social-media addict too?

Waiting for more likes? Maintaining streaks? Counting on followers? Or just retweeting? Yes, we all do this only in our free time. Oops! Apologies, not just free time but precisely every time. I know it is hard to swallow this, but yes it is true.

Social media has become one of the platforms where you just feel free to express yourself. It is "termed" as the most valuable source of current times. It is the perfect place to see what the world is up to. But do you really think that social media is just for this???? Do you think we are engaging our potentials in something not so valuable? Are we justifying ourselves?

No right! This is so because we all know what social media has turned into. It was fine until we were concerned about how everybody's life is but when it comes to our personal self it is different. Social media has become such a bug in our lives which is not getting removed, even if we try our best.

Make Sure You Are Happy In Your Real Life Too!

Everybody is busy showing their lives on social media. The whole world is worried about how we can keep pace with the trends. We are busy posting pictures and putting statuses of wherever we go, whatever we do. Even if we are not happy it is just constant tension in the back of our heads of not showing the world your traumatic side. You fear to face the real world and you fear to show your failures.

We all know that everybody has their phases and it is absolutely fine to go through them. But is it really fine to show your pseudo brighter side, even if your life is in the constant dark? We are not pushing you, but you realize this yourself. I know it is a tricky one, but still, if you are not happy inside why to fake on your outer side. Unless you are not content from your inside, it is just a waste polishing the cover.

Why Seek Validation?

While going across the feed of your social media handles we come across people ready to seek your validation. They are seeking validation about how they look, or how are their clothes, or what is up trending, and much more. I know most of the people will be like that we don't seek anybody's validation, we are all good in ourselves. But my dear let me tell you that when you post or upload something on social media and wait for the "likes" "comments" "shares", this is what seeking validation meant.

In this Real World, we crave for the Fake ones!

So why we do this much of fuss? I mean we can validate ourselves. We can be satisfied with self-validation ain't we?

We need to understand that just going behind this world which is not so true, may lead to not so true life for ourselves. It is okay to get loved by people out there but depending your entire life on such a messy thing is a mere act of foolishness.

They Give You Unpleasant Vibes At Times

Social Media is more of a glam world. Here everybody just shows their extravagant lifestyles and is only anxious about how to have a great lifestyle. Nobody knows if it is a true world or not because you never know what is up with their real lives.

But watching all of these on a daily basis creates a mentality in our head that are we good enough to compete with this world? We start to judge ourselves without any reason. Even if someone doesn't provoke us about anything, it is our inner self talking to us in a constant judgemental mode.

We need to stop thinking about fitting ourselves in this glamorous world, instead create a one for yours where you, your choices, preferences, and ideas match perfectly "on fleek".

A Reason For Illness: Social Media World

Do you know that 13 to 66 percent of people are depressed due to social media? I mean it is a huge percentage. Some studies say that teenage and young adults are the ones who are the victims of this depressed tally.

Many of the studies and researches show that the use of social media causes depression, anxiety, poor sleep quality, lower self-esteem, inattention, and hyperactivity.

Source:- The Impact of Social Media on Young people Statistics

With this statistics-graph, it is pretty clear that how traumatizing social-media can be. It is an addiction that is very harmful to health and for your peace.

Accept Yourself The Way You Are!

Hey people! Don't rush your life into something which has no good outcomes for you. It is no wrong using social-media, it is really good in fact. But don't be dependent on that for your happiness, your sorrows, your escape, and your personal life and time. Never try to do something that costs your hefty time and goals. Consider this a part of entertainment and momentary pleasure.

You don't need to worry about showing your side to anyone. Don't limit your life into "followers" and "fake friends", trust me the real ones will do stick to you in your thick and thin. Never let the social world affect your persona and aura. Don't worry, good things take time and your good time will be soon on your side.

Don't spoil your life and career in this world. You have no clue how harmful sticking to it is. It is just like sugar syrup, initially, it is very sweet but later with passing times, it gets stiff and you will be glued to it. Don't let it control your life.

Yes, it is true that "YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE" and make your life worth living. Accept yourself the way you are and don't let this social media world disguise you.

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