Sonam Wangchuk invents world's first 'Solar- heated Tent' for Indian Army

Sonam Wangchuk! Yes, a person who always comes with a surprise gift. The real-life Rancho, a great engineer, and innovator Sonam Wangchuk has come up with his new innovation- World's first Solar Heated Military Tent.

The prototype of High Altitude 'Passive Solar Heated Tent' (Ladakh tent ) made for the Indian Army. And the surprising part is, it is a 'Made in India', Carbon neutral tent.

Highly insulated Passive Solar Heated Tent traps heat during daytime and stays warm through the night.

Exhibiting the insular properties of its sleeping chamber, Wangchuk noted that, at 10 PM the inside temperature is 15°C while the outside temperature was (-14)°C.

This tent is not only a shelter but the collected solar energy will also replace tons of Kerosene oil, electricity, and coal requirements.

The innovator Wangchuk has developed a solar-heated tent with his team at the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives (HIAL).

10 jawans can live in this less than 30 Kg Passive Solar Heated Tent. It is portable. It can be separated into 30 to 40 parts and can be taken anywhere at any time. We all would have got enthusiastic after knowing about this innovative invention. Now let's go deeper and see what is the profit of it-

We all have seen that how many of our soldiers have died due to unforgiving cold weather in Ladakh or fire accident.

Ladakh's beauty is beyond our imagination but due to extremely cold weather, it becomes separated from the whole country for nearly 8 months. People don't visit them. In other 4 months, nearly 3 lakh tourists visit this place. This Passive Solar Heated Tent will not only save the lives of our soldiers but will ease their lifestyles. It is going to benefit the tourism sector too. Many people will like to come to Ladakh even in extremely cold weather.

Did you know during the tourism season more than 30,000 plastic wastes get dumped every single day?

To keep warm themselves, all the people living or visiting over there use Kerosene, Electricity, and Coal. This is causing glacier melting and climate change in this most celebrated place of the country. This solar heating tent is not only economical but also eco-friendly.

India imports lots of Kerosene oil from European and Arabian countries

Only the Indian army uses 1,00,000 kiloliter of Kerosene which emits nearly 3 lakh tons of carbon dioxide. This invention will replace kerosene, Electricity, and Coal, Wangchuk says.

The great teacher Sonam Wangchuk has taken so many initiatives to save our environment. To end the water crisis of Ladakh, he taught the concept of Ice- Stupa to people.

Climate change is the main cause of glacier melting. Farmers don't get water for irrigation. His concept of Ice- Stupa is a glacier grafting technique. It freezes river water and store in winter. This stored water can be used in the summer.

He designed an eco-friendly, pre-fabricated Solar- Heated Mud Hut for the usage of our Indian armed forces at high altitude cold desert. And now, the Passive Solar Heated Tent. The prototype of Passive Solar Heated Tent cost Rs. 5 lakh, which was born by Sonam Wangchuk himself. He donated this prototype of the Solar Heated Tent to the Indian Army.

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