Stan Swami dies in prison due to inappropriate medical treatment in Taloja prison

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Stan Swami;-

A prominent member of the Elgar Parishad case dies at 84 who was imprisoned by NIA (National Investigation agency) in October.

What was this Elgar Parishad case and how was Stan swami related to it?

It was an organization that was banned by the NIA as it maintained a connection with the Maoists and with Naxal philosophy, also prompt unlawful actions.

Stan Swami was from Ranchi (Jharkhand) who worked for the tribal for the previous 5 years was found a tie with the probated CPI( Maoist). He spent his life fighting for the legal issues of smaller offenses. The members of this organization made inflammatory speeches and illegal job and provoking statements that lead to huge violence on that day.

Why is he in eye-opening results?

In June, he pleaded to the NIA, disagreed with his bail request, and severely decried him during a late-night swoop. It told that there is no conclusive proof of his medical disorder. In December they offered him straw and sipper in jail after his request and medical proof of Parkinson’s disease.

He begged for interim bail multiple times at Taloja prison and told the High Court through video meetings that his death is near and only a few medical treatments could heal his health.

He was tested positive for COVID-19 by a private hospital last month and was a victim of many health-related issues was shifted to ICU.

He complains about the problematic health care facilities in the Taloja lockup such as social distance during the corona, medical tests regularly, hygiene.

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