Stepfather arrested for allegedly raping and impregnating her stepdaughter, Tamilnadu

Madurai: A 50-year-old man was arrested in Tamil Nadu's Madurai district by T Kallupatti police for raping and impregnating his 14-year-old minor who was his stepdaughter. The minor was a class IV dropout. She is in her 16th to 18th week of pregnancy. Medical tests revealed that the survivor, her mother, and the accused are HIV positive.

The incident came to light when the victim was taken to the Govt. Rajaji hospital for experiencing some severe stomach ache. There the doctors told the victim's mother that the victim was already four months pregnant. The victim didn't disclose anything in the very first place but eventually with repeated counseling by doctors and paramedics she told them about the rape incident.

The victim's father died almost 11 years ago when she was two years old and her elder sister was six years old. seven years the widow married the accused as she knew him for a few years by then. The accused, who was 43 years old at that time, was already married and lived with his family in Madurai. He married the widow and brought her with his daughters to Madurai. The Accused's wife and children abandoned him.

Accused has been raping his step-daughter after she attained puberty last September, said CWC member B Pandiyaraja who counseled the victim and her mother. When the survivor was asked, she told her mother that her stepfather had sexually assaulted her various number of times and accused also threatened her not to tell anyone, otherwise he will harm her anyway. On being intimated, the police sought the help of the child welfare committee.

The accused, Ramamurthy was then arrested by Madurai Police under various sections of POCSO.

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