Story of Sheable - from Whispering to Staying Free

We are currently living in the 21st century and yet menstruation is highly stigmatized even today. Even today, when a girl talks about menstruation and the problems related to it, she is looked down upon. However, an initiative to denounce the topic of menstruation, Sheable has been taken up by Anvesha Saraf.

The idea behind Sheable

The owner of Sheable, Anvesha Saraf, is a 14-year-old from Kolkata. "I have always believed that no one is too young to bring about a change," says Anvesha. When she got to know about the huge amount of stigma that surrounds a normal concept like menstruation, she was extremely shocked and upset. Instead of procrastinating and waiting for someone else to take action, she decided to do it herself and undertook the initiative Sheable.

Making She More Able

Sheable is a youth-run organization that aims to improve menstrual health conditions and provide STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education to underprivileged women. Their motto is to "EmpowHER" and they are dedicated to helping women prevent periods from hindering their daily activities."We have hosted several sessions with underprivileged women to help destigmatize the topic of menstruation. We have distributed 20,000+ sanitary napkins in the last few months trying to help girls feel confident and empowered by unleashing their 'Period Power'," Anvesha said.

Sheable has also held sessions on sustainable menstruation and distributed menstrual cups to underprivileged women, which are eco-friendly and reusable too. To achieve menstrual equity, they have organized several fundraisers. They are also looking forward to introducing and inculcating STEM education into the lives of girls and making them aware of how they can become change-makers too.

We come across a lot of stereotypes and myths associated with periods, such as "Don't go the temple while you are menstruating," "If you wash your hair when you are on your period, your flow will be less, affecting your fertility." However, Anvesha is breaking all these stereotypes, one at a time, working towards a world where periods are as normalized as any other natural phenomena.

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