31 students, teachers marked Covid positive as soon as school resumes in Odisha

Approximately 31 students and teachers reported positive for the virus as the school restarts right after 9 months in Gajapati, Odisha. Schools were mainly reopened for class 10 and 12 students on 8 January which remained close for 9 months for a pandemic.

As per Chief District Medical, the officer stated, the teachers and students who are marked positive are asymptomatic and advised to remain quarantined at home and also consulted to not to go to school until they retrieve from the virus. As far as, around 26 teachers have been reported Covid-19 positive in the last two days, also schools at Mohana block reported 21 ultimate cases.

Before restarting Educational institutions, the Covid test of each and every teacher and staff has been executed by the authority of Gajapati, Odissa.

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