Students from Afghanistan perturbed for their families back home as Taliban accquires the country

Image Source: The Indian Express

The political turbulence in Afghanistan has left the war-torn country's students in utter disturbance for their families back at home. 92 of such students are in institutes under the University of Mysore and some are at the University of Agricultural Sciences opting for Masters or PhD courses.

Nasratullah Kakar, a research student at the University of Agricultural Sciences- Dharwad is in the second year of the three year PhD programme in Agricultural Extensions, said,

"People enjoyed freedom for the last two decades under the security and patronage of United States. Now that the Us has withdrawn its troops, our country has bounded back 50 years."

He also added, "I'm a government employee in Kabul. I've been staying on the UAS campus with my wife, three daughters and our youngest child, a boy. I spoke to my wife and my brothers and all are safe. The Taliban have sworn not to harm anyone, and to administer the country peacefully".

Like him there are many other students working for the Afghanistan government and are pursuing various courses pursuing under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), leaving their families back at home.

Image Source: Times Of India

The students from Mysuru appealed to the authorities of the Universities to get an extension for their visa. The Director of International Centre, GR Janardhana said, "These students are worried about the safety of parents and families".

The students concerned about their families constantly called them over the last few days to know about their security and the situation on the ground. In addition, they are worried about the fact that the restrictive Taliban might cut off the internet and telephone link connections.

"Middle class and poor families are struggling to get even basic food items as prices have gone through the roof. We cannot decide anything now. We cannot even bring our families here as there are no flights available. Only time will tell what happens next", says a doomed student.

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