Students of BHU opposes the proposal of Nita Ambani as Visiting Faculty

A local media report revealed that a proposal was drafted last Friday. The draft was made to appoint Ms. Ambani a visiting professor at the BHU’s Centre of Women’s studies and Development. This news led to a campus-wide protest.

Around 40 students of top-tier universities in Uttar Pradesh’s Varanasi staged a protest against the said proposal. The protest was set outside the house of the BHU Vice-Chancellor Rakesh Bhatnagar on Tuesday. Reliance Industries said that Nita Ambani hasn’t received any invitation of such sort.

Officials reported that Nita Ambani or Reliance has nothing to do with the invitation. A professor was sent to talk to the students protesting. He was filmed saying that Ms. Ambani has nothing to do with the proposal. The letter was written internally.

On Wednesday a press note was released by the BHU. It clarified the proposal. It stated that there was no proposal in regards to making Nita Ambani a visiting professor at any department of the University. IT also said that no such proposal has ever been placed before.

Earlier, some sources from the university revealed that there is an idea to have Nita Ambani and other influential women interact with students at the University. Nidhi Sharma, the committee coordinator that mooted the proposal told that the proposal was to make Nita Ambani a visiting professor is sent it to the authorities at the university.

A lot of students have opposed the idea. Shubham Tiwari is one of the protestors. He told PTI that instead of Nita Ambani, those who really get out in the field and make a difference set an example of women empowerment should be invited.

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