Suppression of Muslims to be continued in China:

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

The criticism from the USA, the European Union and other reputable power sources has not been successful to alter the resolution of President Xi Jinping of China, to vanquish the Muslim minorities of Xinjiang.

The policies set by Mr. Xi, in Xinjiang to reform the Islamic adherence of Uighur and Kazakh and convert them into loyal and obedient citizens of China, after a series of attacks and protests by them has lead to the construction of hundreds of indoctrination camps to weaken their beliefs and traditional lifestyles. The Chinese government, to achieve their intention has tried to relocate the Uighurs from villages to the urban areas and assign them with factory jobs and other works in the city to increase their earnings, which the officials hope may turn them into loyal subjects of the government.

During a conference of two days on last weekend, that concluded on September 26, Saturday, the Chinese president stated that his policies in Xinjiang is a "totally correct" success and affirmed to put more effort to engrave Chinese national identity "deep in the soul" of Uighurs and other largely Muslim minorities.

The dictatorship continues to being at its peak in China.

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