Supreme Court's decision matters - WhatsApp and Facebook.

Image source - tech crunch

We know Facebook and WhatsApp as the most successful apps for social media platforms. The New privacy policy of the government to maintain a peaceful situation in the nation and to control all the harassment commodities is followed by every social media site.

Here’s a dispute between Facebook, WhatsApp, and CCI (Competition Commission of India)

regarding their new privacy policy.

It would lead to marketing the app with excessive consumer data collection. It showed the decision abusive as per the suo motu jurisdiction.

A single judge dismissed their petition as they are against the inquiry of the CCI community.

The Delhi High Court was urged to stop the notice issued by the CCI. The notice was to provide information related to the government’s new social media platforms policy.

Justification of the what app representative -

Harsh Salve (senior advocate): They issued a notice on June 4 and June 21 means today is the last day.

Justification of the Facebook representative-

Mukul Rohatgi (senior advocate): We will not follow the notice as Supreme Court- the highest court is looking into the matter.

They must issue the notice at that moment. But they sided it out on the June 4 evening.

Justification of the CCI (ASG Balbir Singh)

If they won’t respond to the information sought by our community, but we will still have the information anyhow.

Still, both the opponents are waiting for the supreme court’s decision.

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