Supreme Court stayed the implementation of the Centre’s three farm laws

On January 12, 2021, the Court stayed the implementation of the Centre’s three farm laws till further notice. It has also constituted its expert committee which shall take all the inputs from the stakeholders regarding the protest and farmers’ concerns.

SA Bobde Chief Justice of India said, “We are going to suspend implementation of the three farm laws until further orders.”

On Monday, the CJI said, "the court was “extremely disappointed” with the Centre over its approach to the farmers’ protests."

On Tuesday, the CJI had confirmed that they are going to have a power where they can set up a committee which would submit a report to the apex court regarding the farm laws. The person who has some issues about their concerns can go before the committee to present their concerns.

According to the press report, all the framers has decided to stick by their demand for the three controversial farm laws and they will not seek any help from the committee which is organized on the proposal of the Supreme Court.

According to the information, Senior advocate Harish Salve had raised concerns over the absence of some of the lawyers who were representing several farmer unions. The names of those lawyers were Dushyant Dave, Prashant Bhushan, Colin Gonsalves and HS Phoolka respectively. He had said, "he was worried they were using the court’s observations on Monday as a victory for them."

Senior advocate Dushyant Dave has informed that The Quint that they had not appeared as the court had not listed the matter for a hearing on its cause list, but For Orders."

Salve and senior advocate PS Narasimha, who was representing another of the petitioners had argued that "the protests now saw people from ‘Sikhs for Justice’, a foreign organisation with Khalistani links, seeking to sponsor the protests."

About this whole incident, CJI told, “We want to place on record our appreciation for this stand.” He has also asked the Solicitor General and Attorney General to file an affidavit and send it to all the leading parties and the farmer's unions.

The Attorney General also said that "the Centre had intelligence bureau inputs that the protests had been “infiltrated by Khalistanis” and would include these inputs in the affidavit. This was tied into the injunction application filed by the Delhi Police to stop the farmers’ proposed tractor rally on Republic Day."

According to the current information, at present CJI has agreed to issue notice on this application, and these issues might be taken up on 18 January 2020.

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