The Narcotic Central Bureau has caught the drugs racket of Bengaluru and Shivamogga. 7 members were caught for delivering the drugs in Lockdown.

On Thursday, the zonal director of NCB "Amit Gawate had caught two Bengaluru citizens. They were dressed like a Swiggy delivery boy and taking delivery of eight boxes from the contraband. After some detection, 137 kg of drugs packet was seized. It was almost cost 4.81 lakh

The kingpin and other associations were behind this drug trafficking. Gradually, they were delivering it at every outskirt. This racket is majorly operated in lockdown. At that time, restrict guidelines for delivering only major commodities but they disguise as a Swiggy boy for easily functioning the racket. The accused confessed that they grew Hydro Cannabis in a villa near Bidadi.

On Friday, they recovered 39,000 ganja from the accused and arrest 2 other accused in Shivmoga It was a great racket in lockdown. Police said " “The accused grew the hydro cannabis plants using artificial lights such as LED lamps and UV lights. We have also seized vacuum packing containers, an electrical weighing machine, 130 hydro cannabis plants, about 12.85 kg of hydro cannabis that was ready to be sold, LSD strips, a Skoda car and mobile phones.”

On Saturday, 3 other members were apprehended and after some interrogation, they disclosed that they were growing the cannabis seed in the flower pots at their flat in Kengeri.

The police assured that the rest of the accused will be caught and soon they discover the real culprit behind it.

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