T'gana Advocate Couple fighting against government's illegalities Killed In Broad Day Light!!

Wednesday in a busy road of Telangana one lawyer couple has been brutally murdered by some unidentified assailants in broad daylight. The video went viral on social media.

The Victims namely Guttu Vaman Rao and Nagamani were on their way home from Hyderabad after appearing for a case in a local court in Manthani, when they were waylaid, hacked, and attacked by machetes again and again, near Kalvacherla under Ramagiri Police Station in Peddapalli District.

The video shows, Gutta Vaman lying on the road covered with blood and with gasps of breath trying to utter the name of Kunta Srinivas, president of TRS Marthani Mandal, implying he has made the murder happen, and he is from Gunjapadugu Village. And when the camera pans, a car could be seen with a shattered window and his wife Nagamani's motionless body. The pedestrians are seemed to be shocked by the horrific image of the incident as they gather on another side of the road.

according to sources, Earlier this month Telangana High Court had extended protection to them after they were allegedly harassed by the police for seeking a probe into the custodial death of Seelam Rangaiah last year.THC posted the matter for further hearing in April. And very recently they filed a petition about the alleged custodial death of a Dalit man in Manthani police station under the Ramagundam police commissioner.

Speaking about the attack, civil rights activist and advocate Chikkudu Prabhakar said," The couple has been fighting against the government's illegalities for the past few days in the High Court. They have been exposing how the ruling party leaders have been exploiting public funds. The State Government should take the responsibility for the murder."

Telangana High Court Advocates Association (THCAA) given a statement, condemning the murder of their colleagues: "It is high time to take steps and initiate measures to enact " Advocate Protection Act to rescue the Advocate fraternity."

The executive committee of THCAA given a call to protest against the murder in Telangana High Court on Thursday.

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