Taliban orders it's leaders not to take more than one wife

Taliban orders it's leaders and commanders to stop taking more than one wife because of costly weddings and sparking resentment among fighters. Most commanders have multiple wives, spending profligately on ceremonies, separate houses for the women, and 'bride prices' of up to £70k for their in-laws.

These Taliban's commanding officers become extortionate quickly since each wife lives in separate places and they totally enjoy that polygamy. The current chief has two wives. But the outfit's representative in Doha named Abdul Ghani Barabad has a harem of three. Rumors had been spread that the superiors are leading a luxurious life in Doha has initiated resentment among fighters. This touching it out on their battlefield and leading to some damaging rumors of corruption.

A peace talk taking place in Qatari city. Taliban officers, the Afghan Government, and intermediaries from the United States attending the meeting. I accordance with peace negotiations, many of the Chiefs are now based in Doha. They had been leaping from Guantanamo bay. Almost all of them have new wives who are now handing over to their new in-laws in exchange for cash.

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