Tamil Nadu holds-off the decision of reopening schools next week

Re-opening of schools hold off (Source - NDTV.com)

Chennai: The government of Tamil Nadu has decided to hold its decision of re-opening its state schools after announcing its decision to open up the schools for class 9 to 12 two weeks earlier. The Tamil Nadu government put their decision on hold due to the Covid-19 issue and to ensure safety around the state.

It is to note that all the schools have been closed nationwide for the last 7 months and have not been opened since the start of the pandemic. The state decided to open up the colleges and universities only for post-graduates and scholars from Dec. 2 and withdrew their decision of reopening schools for classes 9 to 12 from Nov. 16.

The state government took this decision after consulting with the state parents and most of them were against this issue of reopening schools due to the covid-19 crisis. Tamil Nadu currently has reported more than 7.5 lakh covid positive cases with 11,415 deaths which make the state the fourth-largest in terms of covid cases in India.

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