Tamil Nadu Police Arrested Retired Justice CS Karnan

On Wednesday, Retired judge CS Karnan Arrested ( Source- Odisha TV )

On Wednesday, a retired High Court judge was arrested by the police of Tamil Nadu. He got punished due to the release of objectionable social media video posts with comments and sexual brutality on judiciary officials and their family members.

CS Karnan had reportedly delivered the videos. For which several lawyers wrote against him to the chief justice of India. Court asked the lawyers to speak to proper authorities.

In October, the grievance filed by non-practiced advocate S. Devika. Karnan argument that the resentful party can file an objection on any person.

In the meantime, a case filed in the Madras High Court against Karnan. When Karnan was in a job in Calcutta High Court, he jailed six-month in 2017.

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