Teachers protesting for jobs jump into Bhakra Canal

Two protesting teachers jumped into the Bhakra Canal. The incident took place near the Passiana village near the Patiala-Sangrur road, Punjab. But, they were soon rescued by a team of divers.

A protestor jumps into Bhakra Canal near Passiana, Punjab. Source- The Hindustan Times

Reason for the protest

BEd, TET, ETT qualified teachers staged protests at three different places in Patiala. The Unions of the unemployed teachers stated that the CM assured them about jobs. To date, there has been no formal announcement from their side.

The unemployed TET-ETT teachers are demanding a notification for all 12,000 vacancies. They also want the upper age limit to be increased to 42 years.

The unemployed BEd teachers are also awaiting notification for 15,000 vacancies. They are also demanding an unemployed allowance of INR 2500. Another demand is to dismiss the 55% marks criteria in graduation for the handicapped.

On Sunday, unemployed teachers and health workers were jointly protesting against the CM. They were protesting under the banner of Unemployed Sanjha Morcha in Patiala. The Police resorted to lathi-charge. This happened when a few protestors allegedly tried to cross the barricades. The protestors planned to 'gherao' the CM's house and the police placed the barricades to stop them. Over a hundred protestors were detained.

Around 12:30 pm, the protest broke up. The Police charged the protestors near Polo Grounds. At this point, the protestors returned and sat on a protest near the YPS Chowk.

Two protestors from the unemployed TET-ETT union jumped into the Bhakra Canal. The other protestors claimed that they moved towards Passiana Bhakra Canal. This is where the two protestors jumped into the canal around 2:30 pm.

Sandeep Sama, one of the union members, said, " We have been protesting for months in Patiala and Sangrur. But, the government had not paid heed to our demands. Qualified youths of Punjab are jumping into canals for jobs. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister is bragging about giving jobs to youngsters."

Police statement on lathi-charge

The Police said that they resorted to lathi-charge when the protestors clashed. The protestors allegedly injured 4 personnel including two women. They have also registered a case against the protestors. They have not arrested anyone as of now.

DSP Yogesh Sharma said, " Our men also suffered injuries in the clash. We will file an FIR under the relevant sections. After fixing a meeting between them and the Patiala MP, the detained were released.

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